The solutions available for sourcing and managing a workforce present themselves in a number of ways. Think Pro will consult with your organization to determine the best way forward in delivering a workforce or single employee. Our team of consultants has the experience and knowledge of your industry to deliver the right solution for your business, reflecting your culture and strategy while we maximize resources, and reduce time and cost through collaboration, communication, and commitment. Our recruitment delivery model is built on a continuous improvement program.

Why choose us?

Think Pro is a leading-edge recruitment consultancy, whose reputation stems from a proven ability to source the right candidates for the job every time. We take the time to understand both our client’s and candidate's  needs so that we can provide the best possible solutions — whether it’s for permanent, temporary or contract staff.

Finding the right person for the job is one thing — keeping them on board is something else entirely. That’s why we offer ongoing HR support and specialist advice to help you retain your people. It’s just one of the many ways Think Pro works for you.

As a business owner or hiring manager finding and retaining top talent is a number one concern. At Think Pro, we know that your business depends on highly skilled professionals to continue running smoothly and productively - that’s why we are passionate about helping connect you with the very best individuals who can take your business to the next level.

Finding highly skilled professionals can be a time-consuming process, and companies call on Think Pro, the leader in specialized staffing, to help.



Our Industries

  • Administration
  • Childcare
  • Civil Construction
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  • Finance & Accounting
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  • Hospitality
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